How to take measurements from a dog for knitted clothes.

Posted by Inna Khalanska on

In order for the knitted clothes you bought to fit well, it is very important to measure the dog correctly. It is advisable to do the following:

The collar should be worn on the dog so that it sits loosely and as low as possible on the neck, and the dog should be placed in a rack on a flat, hard surface.

One person will hold it to prevent the dog from moving and take accurate measurements.

The second person uses a tape measure to measure the required dimensions. The tape should not be tight, but also make sure that it does not sag.

Basic dimensions required:

2 - back length - measured from the collar to the base of the tail;

- neck girth - measurements are taken immediately behind the collar;

- chest girth - measured at the widest point, as a rule, immediately with the front paws;

- chest height is a measure from the collar to the front leg;

Compare your measurements with our table and you can place an order.


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