Bamboo flute musical instrument

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Bamboo flute size 21 * 13 * 3 hand made, the manufacturer of Indonesia.

Create your own sweet song with a flute. The bamboo flute is an amazing natural
tool. Bamboo and reeds are ready
natural tube, and wherever they grow, of them
do the pipes, the sawdust, the flute, the fliers, the bansi, the di,
xiao, ken, shakuhachi - in every culture there is a
The name, but they all have one thing in common - all these are flutes
by the way of sound production.

Playing the flute brings a stunning healing
Effect. Exhaling, you release your breath
the body from negative energy, which for years
accumulated inside of you and violated life
processes that take place in your body. Therapeutic
vibration of the flute is confirmed not only by numerous
scientific research and recommendations
doctors, but also personal experience, everyone who started the path
to the healing of their diseases. Path to the Soul
balance and harmony.