Knitted bag for runes with a magic symbol

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A bag for runes, size 10 * 12 cm, is hand-tied with knitting needles and is decorated with the OM symbol. This bag can be used to attract wealth and love. The main thing is to fill your energy and the symbol will start working for you. The mountains are not included in the kit, you only get a bag.

Om is the oldest and most famous symbol of teachings based on Buddhism and Hinduism. He has many meanings, often religious.

First of all, the sound of Om is part of the mantra that created everything alive.
For the symbol, Om uses its graphic image, consisting of a combination of three letters and a crescent with a dot above them. There are many translation options that have the meaning of "true", "so be it."
The Om symbol carries the meaning of a great power, controlling the universe, protecting from misfortunes, directing believers to enlightenment and knowledge