Heart mascot dreamcatcher with feathers, dream catcher with seashells and beads, wall decor dream catcher, indian talisman dream catcher, gift to home dream catcher

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The dream catcher is upholstered in fabric, handcrafted. A beautiful and sophisticated piece of furniture. Length 25 inches (65 cm) Large ring radius 6.3 inches (16 cm)
The Dreamcatcher is an ancient magical device for controlling dreams and protecting the sleeper from the dangers that threaten him during sleep. Invented by the North American Indians, this magic tool has spread throughout the world: now it is easy to buy a dream catcher in China. Just as a spider web catches annoying and biting insects, the dream catcher's web catches bad dreams caused by other people's bad thoughts and intentions, harmful outside influences and evil spirits. The dream catcher protects the sleeping soul, which is vulnerable during sleep, and attracts good, bright, auspicious dreams.