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Collectible porcelain doll The face, arms and legs are made of porcelain, the body is printed in fabric. The doll stands on a stand that can be easily removed. Made in China.
The doll is porcelain, height 8 inches (20 cm).

A beautiful porcelain doll with a "human" face and expressive facial expressions is a memorable and original gift that can convey all the sincerity of your feelings, surrounding people dear to you for decades. You can play with it, decorate the interior, organize your own expositions, and replenish collections. A porcelain doll is a win-win gift that suits any age and will always be relevant. Over the years, its value only increases. Both spiritually and materially. Today it is a living toy for a child, and in a few years it is a rare rarity. Decorative Porcelain Doll is an author's work, one hundred percent handmade. Her arms, legs and face are made of porcelain. The body is rag with a metal frame inside.