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Dachshund puppy clothes, puppy sweater, dachshund puppy clothes sweater, sweater for a small dog, sweater for Yorkshire Terrier, sweater for chihuahua, clothes for small dogs.

Please check your pet's measurements with my pattern size chart to make sure the item fits before orderinThe size is determined by the length of the dog for this in a standing position, measure the dog from withers to tail.Only you are responsible for the correct selection of the size, I make exactly according to your order according to the measurement table I specified.If you find it difficult to choose the size, better contact me, I will help you find the right size.

ХХS (Chihuahua puppy, Yorkie puppy, super mini dogs)
Length 17-19cm / 6.69-7.87 ''
Chest 25-29cm / 9-11.5 ''
Neck 15-17cm / 6-6.5 ''

XS (chihuahua, york, toy terrier)
Length 20-24cm / 8-9 ''
Chest 29-32cm / 11.5-12.5 ''
Neck 17-20cm / 6.5-8 ''

M (chihuahua, york, toy terrier, dachshund puppy 2-4 months)
L]ength 25-29cm / 10-11.5 "
Chest 32-36cm / 13-14.5 "
Neck 20-22cm / 8-8.5 ''

L (york, mini poodle, maltese, mini pinscher, mini dachshund puppy 4-6 months)
Length 30-34cm / 12-13.5 ''
Chest 36-42cm / 15-16.5 ''
Neck 22-26cm / 8.5-10 ''

XL (mini dachshund, shitsu, pikines, maltese, boston terrier, pug)
Length 35-39 cm / 14-15.5 "
Chest | 42-45cm / 16.5-18 "
Neck 26-30 cm / 10-11 "

XXL (standard dachshund, boston terrier, pug, cocker spaniel, beagle, corgi, shitsu, whipet)
Length 40-45cm / 16-18 ''
Chest 45-50 / 18-19.5 "
Neck 30-35cm / 12-14 ''

For an exact match of the sweater, write me a message with the measurements of your dog and I will make it just for you.

The sweater is knitted from high-quality yarn 49% wool and 51% acrylic, which allows it to be warm, soft and dry quickly.

Hand wash, dry on a flat surface.

We draw your attention to the fact that the product may vary slightly in color, it depends on the color of the monitor.